The London Gallstone Clinic

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The London Gallstone Clinic has been set up by a team of surgeons who specialise in laparoscopic biliary surgery.

About Us

Our surgical team are all very experienced in carrying out operations for gallstones.

  • We are based in central London, and can be reached very easily by car and by public transport.
  • We offer you a choice of prompt outpatient appointments to suit your convenience.
  • We work closely with specialist radiologists and gastroenterologists. Any scans and or endoscopy tests that you require will be done quickly and by a leading specialist in the field.
  • Should you need surgery, your operation will be performed by a consultant surgeon who specialises in this area of work.
  • Your hospital care will be of a vey high standard.

Book a private consultation

Should you wish to book a private consultation with one of our consultant surgeons, their contact details are given in the Contact Us section, as is our e-mail address. It is preferable but not essential that you have a referral from your GP; we can see you directly if you prefer that. If you have already had tests performed elsewhere you should bring copies of the reports with you. If you have scan pictures on a CD or DVD please bring those too.

What our patients say

  • I feel so much better. I had a torrid time with infection leading up to my operation. When I came to you, I was very anxious because of the complications that had gone before, but I soon realised that I was in the best possible hands. I’m very thankful for what your team did for me. Would I recommend you to family and friends? Yes! I have your number on speed-dial.
  • My overall experience as a patient was fantastic. My surgeon was wonderful, as were the nurses and the office staff. If I were asked to rate the care and the service I received, I would give you 5 out of 5.
  • I’m better after the gallbladder operation. The scars have healed well. I watch what I eat, but have no problems that I can say. I go about as normal as before the operation. I feel confident that I made the right decision to have my gallbladder removed.
  • I have been doing very well since my operation. The care I received was very good. It was also a comfort that the hospital offered my wife the facility to sleep in my room; it was reassuring that she was there after my surgery